"The Sir Roger de Coverley Club's"  aim is to bring humanuty together through dance.

It is a club for peopple from all walks of life who love historic dancing, games and good food, and even if dancing perhaps is just not your cup of tea, after one of our events it will be!

We organize balls and events at wonderful, unusual and interesting locations in and around Stockholm, -all of them kept secret with the destination only revealed upon arrival.

The only exception is the annual

Summer Ball at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm.

A very exclusive affair with dancing taking place in the Golden Foyer....

There is always dinner with predrinks included in the price of the  Ball and also the dance practice held the day before that not only is a good deal of ice breaking fun (what with everyone making mistakes), but also a fantastic way to get to know all the other guests.

Then the day after, when we all meet for the big event , everyone is looking forward to seeing the others all dressed up and  expectations tend to run high!

The dances are inclusive, mostly so called Country mixers of English origin with some Irish, Scottish, American, Hungarian, French and Polish thrown in for good measure.

They range from the early middle ages to ca 1958 and include all styles of music.

The dances are such that no man needs to ask a lady to dance, neither does a lady have to wait to be asked. Everyone dances with everyone and no one is left behind.

And please don't let two left feet be an obstical, these dances are not difficult and everyone is there to learn and have fun. A more altruistic and Arthurian round table athmosphere is hard to find!

As many of the dances are not known to the public and not available on you tube etc,- dance practice is always OBLIGATORY.

(It is also a lot of fun and a major part of the events!)

Our signature dance though, is the "Sir Roger de Coverley" ,

-a very lively and joyful dance, which, for centuries, was danced at the end of the Balls to have people leave in the best of spirits and on a very high note!

(The opposite of today's slow end to occasions) .

Sir Roger de Coverley is a fictional character who's forefather composed this dance, it is also symbolic of the Fox, Sir Roger, moving in and out of cover during a hunt.

Our members are therefore referred to as FOXES with some reaching GOLD FOX status after participating in a certain amount of Balls....

Therefore I say, join in the fun, let Sir Roger lead the way and be merry! "



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